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Vita-c Hyal

Serum zabiegowe z kwasem hialuronowym, witaminą c i peptydami do łączenia z proszkami wzmacniającymi, Vita-c hyal

Only available to specialists

Description: Universal serum to be combined with all treatment powders. Strongly moisturizes and brightens the skin, counteracting the signs of aging thanks to vitamin C and white mulberry. Syn-Coll® peptide reduces fine mimic wrinkles and Panthenol regenerates the skin. Deep and intensely moisturizing preparation. Hyaluronic acid - accelerates skin regeneration, fills wrinkles, improves skin hydration, prevents excessive transepidermal water loss, improves skin firmness and elasticity. Panthenol reduces water loss through the epidermis and effectively moisturizes the skin. It stimulates cell division, thanks to which it has a healing and regenerating effect. It improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis.


10% Vitamin C, 10% Hyaluronic Acid, 5% Panthenol, 5% Mulberry Extract, 5% Syn-Coll®, Lactic Acid


Any type of skin. Signs of aging.

Capacity: 100 ml and 50 ml

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