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Peeling mlekowy, kwas mlekowy

Lacti-Light Peel


It has a strong moisturizing effect, stimulates the production of ceramides in the skin. Influences the sealing of the lipid barrier of the epidermis, reduces water loss from the skin (lowers TEWL), thanks to which the skin becomes elastic and soft. It affects the production of collagen, increases the level of glycosaminoglycans, compounds that absorb water like a sponge and provide hydration to the deeper layers of the skin.


30% lactic acid, Allantoin, Aloe


Dry, dull skin, devoid of freshness, uneven color, loss of firmness and tension, skin requiring intensive hydration. Also used directly under the eyes or on the eyelids.

Capacity: 100ml and 50ml

Only available to specialists

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